Saturday, December 26, 2009

Preparing for the Road Ahead

I have to say that our Christmas went rather smoothly. I was so worried due to all of our family drama (on both sides) but we made it and I couldn't be happier!! We plan on taking a vacation next year during Christmas just to avoid the drama and all the stress. Going to my Aunt's house, my mother's house, his mother's house, his grandmother's house (mom's side), his grandmother's house (dad's side), then his father's house....we're a bit tired. I think we got up on Christmas morning around 7:00 AM and we didn't get back home until after 10:00 PM and we did nothing but go all day!!

I was a little sad because his uncle has 3 small children that are all 3 under three so the Christmas over there was of course centered totally around the children but I kept reminding myself of the "one day". Of course, I was already excited because on Christmas morning when I took my Fertility Monitor reading I got a PEAK reading! It was on CD 21 (just like clock work!) and I have yet to tell DH. I feel bad, like I'm keeping something from him but he gets so worked up and so nervous because he puts pressure on himself to preform that sometimes he has problems (or course not ANY other time than THE "Perfect" time). We BD'd last night and maybe we will tonight but I'm almost certain that I have already O'd. I got a positive OPK (pee stick) on Christmas Eve and was trying to wait up for him but I fell asleep about 45 minutes before he got home! Uggghh, I was so mad at myself!

And we went shopping today and I bought something that somewhat made me feel better, but in a way it was more like a goal for the year. Since all the Christmas items were on sale I got a little sleeper that says "My 1st Christmas" and bought it in front of DH because I looked at him and told him that we would need that by next Christmas and in my heart I really think, and it may be more of a hope, but I just feel that we will have a little one by next Christmas. We may not but in my heart I just feel it and I hope that maybe we will have our own little miracle next year. And if not, at least we'll probably be on a cruise ship sitting on a sandy beach in Mexico!

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